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Welcome to Sequin Swag – where you can create the most magical and unique designs with the highest quality reversible sequins

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We have the largest selection of custom reversible sequin items anywhere in the world.

Whether you need shirts, custom sequin pillows, patches, or other custom sequin accessories – we’ve got you covered.

Feel The Extraordinary Magic Of Reversible Sequin

The most wonderful aspect of sequins is best appreciated in person – the more glitter, the better. Sequin is all about stepping beyond the ordinary and into something vibrant, delightful, and creative.

Sparkle and dazzle each time you design your own sequin pieces.

We have tested all the sequins we can find and discovered the best reversible sequins shirts on the market to glam up bold colors and neutrals, making your best item picks even more special.

Every custom sequin selection uses only the highest quality sequin to deliver the most magical sparkle with every swipe.

Let your personality shine through with our stunning collections — down to the last sequin!

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Are You Looking For A One-Of-A-Kind Gift That Is Truly Magical?

Look no further than our sequin kids t-shirt! Your custom image or message is printed on one side of the reversible sequin against a white background while the other side is your choice of 5 beautiful sequin colors: gold, silver, red, black, or rose gold.

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The SequinSwag Promise

At SequinSwag, we want to give you the best in customer reversible sequin products. After all, doing a great job and making the perfect personalized sequin gift is just as important to us as it is to you!

We’d be happy to send you your tracking info. Want to ask if we can do a special customization, just for you? Let’s get started! Want to just chat wholesale and dropshipping opportunities? Send us an email or live chat and we’d be happy to help.

But our commitment to bringing you an epic custom product experience doesn’t just stop there. We’re proud to offer quality assurance checks on every single one of our products. We want your personalized gift to be picture-perfect—no blurry pictures here! If you’re not sure if your photo file will produce a quality print, feel free to shoot us an email and our customer support team will be happy to look it over.

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Custom Sequin Tote Bag

Our classic everyday Custom Reversible Sequin Tote Bag. Can hold many large items including 15″ MacBook, change of clothes, notebooks, and more small items. If you have any questions about these custom pillows please e-mail us at We usually respond very quickly.

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We’re Proud Of Our Sequin

We know we do it better than anyone else. That’s why some of the top companies use our custom sequin services to deliver exceptional sequin products for their events.

Whether it’s sequin pillows, sequin shirts, sequin hoodies, or sequin accessories, SequinSwag is committed to delivering the perfect sequin product every time.

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