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  • Sequin Christmas Stockings

    Sequin Christmas Stockings

    • Made of sequin and linen
    • Features adjustable handles to open and close the sequin stockings
    • Measures 42x26cm (16.5″x10.23″)
  • Sequin Drawstring Bag

    Sequin Drawstring Bag

    • The bag measures 45cm in height and 35cm in length, and is just 1cm in width
    • Comes with customizable design from print, color, and shape
    • Prints in double side and reverse sequin side design
  • Sequin Face Masks

    Sequin Face Masks

    • Available in red or silver sequin
    • One size only that fits most adults – 13cm x19cm (5.2in*7.5in)
    • Features a pouch for filters and breathability
    • Comes with customizable design for printing
    • Prints in double side and reverse sequin side design
  • Sequin Fanny Pack

    Sequin Fanny Pack

    • Size: 10.6 x 5.9 in / 27 x 15cm (L*H)
    • Fit waist size: 33”– 41”
    • Method of opening: zipper.
    • Material: 100% Synthetic & PU & Polyester lining.
    • Color options: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Pink, Green.
  • Protected: Sequin Keychain

    • High quality sequin keychains
    • Over 100 possible designs
    • Keychain chosen random
  • Sequin Notebook

    Sequin Notebook

    • Notebook measures 5.6 x 8.3 inches (14.2 x 21 cm)
    • Features 78 pages
    • Comes with customizable design from print, color, and shape
  • Sequin Pencil Case

    Sequin Pencil Case

    • Sturdy zipper
    • Sequins were neatly and securely stitched on the base fabric
    • Prints in double side and reverse sequin side design
    • Comes with customizable design from print and sequin color
  • Sequin Tote Bag

    Sequin Tote Bag

    •  17 in. H x 14 in. W x 4.75 in (43 x 36 x 12 cm).
    • Imprint Size: 33CM x 38CM
    • Prints on one side of the sequin bag
    • Other side is linen with no sequin or print

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The Magic of Custom Sequin Accessories

If you're looking to add some sparkle to your life, then creating custom sequin accessories is the perfect way to do it! The possibilities are endless when it comes to working with sequins. 

The Ultimate Custom Sequin Accessories Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for Every Occasion

Finding a gift that is special, memorable, and relevant for the recipient's interests is always a challenge. Whether you're looking for a unique and memorable present for a special occasion or just because, personalized sequin accessories are a fantastic option. In this piece, we'll look at the best custom sequin accessories gift guide ever compiled, complete with suggestions for any holiday or special event.

Gifts for Birthdays: Sequin Face Masks and Sequin Fanny Pack

You can't go wrong with a custom sequin face masks or sequin fanny pack for the birthday of a stylish friend or relative. Have their name or initials embroidered onto the sequins in a color scheme that complements their taste. This would be a one-of-a-kind and thoughtful present that would elevate any ensemble.

Seasonal: Sequin Christmas Stockings

Custom sequin ornaments are an excellent option if you want to give someone a memorable present this holiday season. Choose something that the receiver would enjoy, such as a Sequin Christmas Stockings

Just for the Reason That You Deserve It: A Customized Sequin Tote Bag

Whether it's for the gym or the supermarket, a personalized sequin tote bag makes a great present. Make it personal by adding the recipient's name or initials to a sequin pattern you've chosen. This is a wonderful method to express your feelings for someone without any particular reason.

Ceremonies of Completion: An Individually Crafted Custom Sequin Notebook

A personalized sequin notebook would make a great and unusual graduation present. Choose a pattern that is relevant to the graduate's interests or field of study, then personalize the sequins with their name and year of graduation. This will let them stand out and be recognized for their accomplishment in grand fashion.

Why Buy Sequin Accessories in Bulk? 

Sequin accessories are a terrific way to add glimmer and shine to your selection. They're a great way to jazz up any ensemble, and they're both on-trend and attention-grabbing. But here are some reasons why purchasing sequin accessories in wholesale can be beneficial to your company:

Cost savings

You may save a lot of money by purchasing sequin embellishments in bulk. In order to maximize your earnings, buying in bulk from a single supplier may allow you to negotiate a lower price. Purchasing in large quantities also helps you save money on shipping and handling costs.


Sequin accessories are a great way to guarantee a steady stream of inventory for your clients. If you have an online business or sell merchandise at events, this may be extremely relevant to you. Having a steady supply of sequin jewelry and accessories helps you maintain and grow your consumer base.


You can diversify your product line by purchasing sequin accessories in bulk. There will be more things to select from, and you can combine various designs in novel ways. This will allow you to appeal to a wider variety of customers and more current styles.

Controlled stock levels thanks to streamlined processes

To better manage stock, buy sequin accessories in bulk. You can save time and effort by ordering in bulk rather than having to keep track of individual reorders. You can save some time and lessen the likelihood of running out of supplies if you do this.

Possibility of increased earnings

Finally, investing in sequin accoutrements in quantity can pay out financially. You can boost your profit margin by buying cheap and selling expensive. Having a steady supply of products and a broader selection of offerings can also enhance sales by appealing to a larger consumer base.