The Magic of Sequin Pillows

Who knew fabric can be so much fun?

Since the accidental discovery of the sequin pillow in January 2016, cushions like these have become a popular fixture in house decor. Reversible sequin pillows are a stylish way to liven up your living room or bedroom decor.

Sequin pillows feature sequin fabric on at least one side. This material has intricate glossy polygons or discs (sequins). You can “draw” with your fingers on the pillows because they have sequins that are different colors on either side, varying the designs as you touch the pillows.

As a result, the fabric moves and the whole vibe of the pillow is changed. They are extremely decorative and adored by both children and adults.

It’s All in The Fabric

Sequin pillows aren’t an expensive or complicated purchase. When purchasing a sequin pillow, however, you must consider several factors. Durability is essential, and the majority of the time, it is all in the fabric.


Here are several clues to help you know that your pillow is made of high-quality sequin material.

  • Tiny sequins are tightly woven together.
  • The presence of dark margins where the sequin flips indicates a thicker sequin that is less likely to break.
  • The sequins are glossy on one side and matte on the other. This will let the shiny side “pop” and create a more professional pillow look.
  • Polyester/Polyester Knit, Mesh, Spandex, Chiffon, Taffeta, or Silk Dupioni is used as the underlying fabric.
  • The material is not stretch fabric such as spandex fabric, sequin mesh fabric, velvet fabric, lace fabric, satin fabric, or tulle.

Practical Sequin Pillow Care

Even though sequin pillows are more of decorative pieces than sleeping accessories, you may need to clean them sometimes. When you do, there are cautionary tips to keep in mind:

  1. To keep them lustrous and sparkling, sequined pillows require special treatment and maintenance. You might not even need to wash these pillows at all because they are more for decoration than for sleeping. Here are important care tips to keep in mind:
  1. Spot-check first when it comes to stains. A warm, damp cloth works best to remove stains that can be cleaned manually.
  1. Put the sequin pillow cover in the washer if a stain is particularly stubborn. Place it inside out in a mesh lingerie bag.
  1. Gentle washing normally doesn’t damage sequins, but it’s possible to ruin the backing fabric. To avoid overstretching the sequins, machine wash on the gentle cold cycle.
  1. For hard-to-remove stains, hand wash with cold water and a mild detergent.
  1. Avoid pulling on any strings you see! By removing the pillowcase, you can sew a sequin back on from the inside.
  1. Check whether the sequins are sewn or glued on. Although most of the glues used to hold sequins are waterproof and will withstand fine-to-light hand washing, some adhesives will dissolve when exposed to cleaning solutions.
  1. Ask a qualified dry cleaner for other tips on how to wash sequin items correctly. Never clean clothing with sequins that are glued on at home using a dry cleaning kit.

Restore Discolored Sequin Pillows

When you finally choose to purchase a sparkly sequin pillow, you are met with the unattractive reality of needing to clean and preserve its luster. Over time, sequins could lose their glitter and shine. Their glimmer can be tarnished with dust, rust, and dirt that have collected from too much use — or even unuse.

While it may appear to be easier said than done, bringing back the shine to a worn-out sequin pillow is simple. Here are a few back-to-the-basic tips for cleaning the sparkling specks, reviving their bedazzle, and retaining their glinty sheen:

  1. Create a sturdy cardboard frame and protect it with a plastic bag and tape. Place the frame inside the sequin pillowcase. Fasten it into place with clothes pins or a clamp around the top and both sides.
  1. Next, purchase different little sequin-sized brushes or foam dabbers. You can find those at your local craft store.
  1. Purchase a variety of crafting paints, gel paint, colored and clear nail polishes, and glitter paint or nail polish. Clear coat your pillow’s sequins with nail polish or a clear acrylic sealant to prevent them from being dissolved by your paints.
  1. To help get the perfect color, apply a thin coat of gesso or another light solid foundation coat.
  1. Paint a few out-of-the-way sequins on the side of the pillowcase to see how you like it. If you want, you can even acquire some very light gold tones to combine the clear/white sequins with the yellowed or discolored ones.
  1. Rather than aiming for an overall even tone, try mixing and matching your painted sequins to achieve a good all-over color combination. That will break up the pattern and trick the eye. You can even buy and sew in a few additional sequins to make it more convincing.

Key Takeaway

Sequin Pillows are perfect for anyone who likes fashion, dazzling flair, and the opportunity to update your home decor frequently. Their unique charm will brighten the rooms in your home all year round. Much more, your family members and guests can leave you a nice message directly on the pillow.

Give them the delicate care they need so you can appreciate and enjoy your sequin pillows for a long time.

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