Sequin Fashion Is Back!

Sequin fashion has long showcased style and elegance and much of its appeal comes from how sequins are placed, with each one stitched on by hand. The return of this style these days is because of the wide range of quality affordable materials since technology has evolved considerably. Suddenly, they’re on everything — from sequin pillows to sequin shirts to sequin accessories.

Sequins have long been a hotbed of creativity. The original sequins were coins sewn into clothing for protection. Sequined wear was bulky and costly in the early 1900s, manufactured from compressed discs of genuine metal. The genuine commercialization of sparkle came in the early 1920s when European designers began experimenting with electroplated gelatin ornamentation.

And, as they say, the rest is sequin history.

Why Are We Fascinated With Sequins?

These fun tactile discs can be found on anything and they come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. So many luxury and casual fashion brands use sequins in their creations.

Flip sequins – also known as flippy or reversible sequins – have become the fashion industry’s quintessential tool to create what is referred to as an “elevated basic.” These color-changing accent has been popping up everywhere lately, catching the eye of the glitz-prone preteen shopper and the trendiest fashionista.

There are countless ways to incorporate sequins into your normal attire, but there’s no reason to tone down a glittery ensemble. Sequins have always been and will always be excellent for events, and bright, vivid colors will only add to their allure.

The Top 5 Perks of Sequin Shirts You Can Enjoy

Whether statement or graphic, custom t-shirts will always be favorite fashion items. Children and adults enjoy wearing them, and as a result, they will always be in style.

Now that they are all the rage, discover the top reasons why you should add custom sequin shirts to your wardrobe today.

Sequin Sweatshirt for Adult Single Sided Print


Custom sequin t-shirts are unique, which is one of the main reasons for their appeal. And because they are personalized, you won’t see many people wearing them. There’s a good chance you might be the only person wearing that particular design!

Wearing unique attire, such as customized sequin t-shirts, is one way to stand out from the crowd. T-shirts with your design on them would be great as an additional perk.


The way you can wear custom sequin t-shirts like an old favorite shirt is another fantastic reason why people adore wearing them. Sequin t-shirts can be paired with anything because they are adaptable. Wear them whenever and wherever you like.

Simple to Create

Sequin t-shirts are easy to create – another reason why you see so many people wearing them these days. No need to visit stores and t-shirt printing factories to get your design printed on your favorite shirt. These days, print-on-demand websites allow you to accomplish that.

Showcase Your Style

Another pretty amazing incentive for getting customized sequin shirts is you get to participate in the design and creation process. It’s the best way to express your individuality since you have the freedom to select a specific fabric, color, and design.


Sequin t-shirts come at a range of prices, making them an affordable addition to your wardrobe. You don’t need to spend a fortune to dress stylishly and to express yourself.

Glam Up Your Shirts: Bedazzle Your Wardrobe With Sequins

What better way to personalize your wardrobe staples than with sequins? Sequins can quickly change a regular, ordinary shirt into an elegant and luxurious piece. So why not go through your closet and revamp some of your old tops with sequins?

Here are a few ideas to consider when making your sequined shirts:

  1. Use a Variety of Sequins

There are different types of sequins available in shops:

  • Cups have a central hole and are round with a faceted surface and a bowl-like shape that helps to reflect light.
  • Flats are round in shape with a flat surface and a central hole.
  • Paillets are round, huge, and flat sequins that have a hole near one edge to let them dangle.
  • Shaped sequins can be flowers, stars, snowflakes, hexagons, seasonal shapes, and other shapes in various materials and sizes.
  • Spangles are sequins that have a hole at the top that allows them to dangle and shimmer.
  1. Use a Different Thread Color

Choose the thread color based on the effect you like. If your sequins are a darker shade than the base fabric, you must use either a thread that matches the sequins or a thread that matches the cloth.

  1. Use a Bead as an Attachment

This is generally done while stitching cup-shaped sequins. Thread a tiny bead after the sequin and then back through the same slot under the bead to the underside of the fabric.

If the sequin is particularly huge, you may need to insert another sequin between the beads.

  1. Sew Huge Sequins Along the Edge

Paillettes/spangles are large sequins with a hole towards the edge that is used for this technique. Attach them with tiny straight stitching or two, starting at the hole and working your way outward. To make it more decorative, add a cup sequin and a bead towards the edge.

  1. Add a Sequin Trim

Sequin trims are long trimmings with pre-threaded and sewn sequins. They are available in single or multiple rows of sequins carefully connected. These can be sewn by hand with a couching stitch, and the sequin trim can be applied at intervals with little straight stitches throughout the trim.

You can use a broad zig-zag stitch to attach the trim. Use a sequin or braiding foot to make it much easier to slide the sequin trim.

Here’s Our Take

Sequin shirts are high-end clothing items that are well worth the investment. Customize them and you have a fashion piece that’s a functional, cost-effective, and chic addition to your wardrobe. Wear them and show the world your distinctive style and personality through your attire.

Add one to your wardrobe today!

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